The High Court has upheld the ASA’s refusal to properly distinguish “full fibre” from copper based alternatives, turning down an appeal by CityFibre calling it to stop allowing operators to market “fake fibre”.

I listened to the original hearing a few months ago. One of the arguments used by the ASA was that consumers didn’t understand the difference between copper and fibre based services, and simply bought broadband on speed.

Of course consumers can’t properly tell the difference if they are fed rubbish about “superfast fibre” and see stickers to this effect plastered over BT Openreach cabinets (since when did Openreach undertake marketing for BT Retail?).

So here you have it in the picture above. After all, it’s all cheese isn’t it, and don’t customers buy cheese on its fat content?


To cut through this crap, INCA has introduced a quality mark to separate “full fibre” from poor copper imitations. See¬†

By Published On: April 11, 2019Categories: News