There have been various comments on LinkedIn about Electric Vehicles (“EV”s) versus Internal Combustion (“IC”s). One of the issues I had heard about, but couldn’t find a source was that EVs are more efficient. So, I did some basic calculations myself.

I have a Hyundai Kona that delivers around 5.4 miles per kWh, on average for the last 12,000 miles.

I used to drive a Nissan X-Trail, which on a good day would give 45 miles to the imperial gallon of diesel.

Turns out a gallon of diesel has an energy content of some 48.9 kWh.


So, my old diesel did 45/48.9 miles per kWh of energy consumed. That’s 0.92

Surprised? I was. My electric car is 5.4/0.92 = 5.9 times more efficient in converting energy to miles travelled.

So, did I make a mistake in the arithmetic? Comments please.

By Published On: August 11, 2022Categories: News