So here we are. A windy day. Checking Gridwatch, wind generation is under 15GW. Installed UK onshore and offshore capacity is 30GW, give or take.
I have never seen actual wind output exceed 15GW on Gridwatch.
Why? Because the National Grid instructs windfarms to feather turbines at above 15GW because it can’t distribute more due to transmission capacity limits.
And when it does so, it has to pay those windfarms compensation under the general power take-off contracts.
Last year, it has been reported those payments amounted to some £250 million.
So, not only is the consumer not getting green energy when it’s available, but the bills are higher than they would otherwise be due to these “switch off” payments.
So, what is National Grid doing about it?
Isn’t this a glaring regulatory failure?
What does Ofgem think?

By Published On: February 7, 2024Categories: News